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nVent CADDY Rod Lock Structural Attachments

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Structural Attachments are designed to simplify installation of threaded rod assemblies that will be fixed at the structure. These solutions are ideal for complex, multi-tier and multi-service applications because they allow the entire assembly to be lifted and locked into place without turning threaded rods. Choose these nVent CADDY Rod Lock solutions if you plan to include the threaded rods in your prefabricated assemblies.

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Bar Joist Hanger
Fast, easy solution for attaching threaded rod assemblies to bar joists.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Preset Anchors
Preset anchors for concrete that allow complex prefabricated threaded rod assemblies to be easily pushed into place.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock L-Bracket
Solution for attaching threaded rod assemblies to the side of vertical structures.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Coupler
An ideal replacement for traditional threaded rod couplers in applications where traditional nVent CADDY Rod Lock structural attachments are unsuitable due to the application of structural coatings that would obstruct the push-to-install mechanism.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Coupler with Rod
A coupler attached to precut lengths of threaded rod, allowing for installation in to any traditional threaded rod attachment including beam clamps, preset concrete anchors, and post drill concrete anchors.

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