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nVent CADDY Rod Lock Supports

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Supports are specialty solutions designed to be installed as a part of prefabricated assemblies that can then be pushed onto pre-hung threaded rods. These solutions are ideal for situations where smaller prefabricated assemblies are preferred due to space constraints, and also work well in accommodating slight variability in threaded rod position. Choose nVent CADDY Rod Lock Supports if you plan to install your assembly onto rods that are already in place.

nVent CADDY Rod Lock Duct Brackets
Elegant solutions to facilitate pre-fabrication of rectangular duct.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Universal Tray Support
Solution for supporting cable trays while maintaining access to cables even after the installation is complete.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Wire Basket Support Clip
Allows for prefabricated sections of wire basket to be installed on threaded rod without the need of strut in the trapeze.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Strut
Prefabricated sections of strut with nVent CADDY Rod Lock technology designed to replace traditional strut in a wide variety of applications, such as cable tray, duct, and conduit/pipe trapeze.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Telescoping Strut Replacement
Extremely fast and simple solution for multi-tiered trapeze installations.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock Channel Nut
​Simple solution for multi-tiered trapeze installations or wall mount strut applications. Designed for open-side-up or open-side-down strut configurations​.
nVent CADDY Rod Lock ​Height-Adjustable Strut Nut
Simple solution for multi-tiered trapeze installations with integrated adjustment nut. Designed for open-side-up strut configurations​.

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SMACNA Duct Brackets
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