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Plug Bond Track Connector, Signal Kit


  • Used when bondstrand is being utilized for track connections
  • Hammered into a 3/8" (9.5 mm) diameter hole drilled through the rail web and driven from the same side the hole was drilled


Part Number Conductor Size Connector Conductor Size LengthL Diameter 1Ø1 Diameter 2Ø2 DepthD
SBK060 3/16" Bondstrand #6 Solid 4 3/4" 3/16" 0.413" 1 1/4"
Kit includes: (1) tube of plug bond grease, (2) plug bond track connectors, signal, 15' (0.3 m) of orange Insulated 3/16” bondstrand, (2) tinned copper compression sleeves, (4) wooden tie conductor fixing staples, (2) hammer-on rail clips, one conductor perpendicular to foot, (2) 9” (229 mm) long heat shrink tubing, and (2) 18” (457 mm) long polyethylene bootleg riser with hole.
Plug Bond Grease (T369) recommended when installing.

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