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150 mm Offset Positioner, Solid Round Conductor


  • Positioning clamps with 150 mm (5.9") offset for use with solid round conductors, including nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Round Conductor
  • For use with copper-bonded, copper, or stainless steel solid conductors
  • Ideal for use in positioning solid round conductor in a horizontal orientation, such as on a roof or parapet


Material: Stainless Steel 18-8 (EN 1.4305); Stainless Steel 316 (EN 1.4401)
Part Number Width 1W1 Width 2W2 Height 1H1 Height 2H2 DepthD nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Conductor Unit Weight Complies With
CSS0810150 2.17" 1" 7.28" 5.9" 0.67" CBSC8, CBSC10 0.29 kg IEC® 62561-4
CSS1314150 2.17" 1" 7.28" 5.9" 0.67" CBSC13, CBSC14 0.29 kg IEC® 62561-4
IEC compliance is valid only for nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Conductors listed.

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IEC is a registered trademark of the International Electrotechnical Commission.





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