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nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Round Conductor Powered Straightening Tool


  • Operates on 220/240V (single phase) or 110/120V with step-up transformer included on CBSCSSMT
  • Two operating modes: Automatic with speed control and manual forward/reverse
  • Interchangeable rollers allow the machine to straighten CBSC8, CBSC10, and CBSC13
  • Manual straightening bar straightens the first few sections of nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Round Conductor prior to feeding it into the machine
  • Enclosure covers moving internal parts
  • Safety switch for emergency shutoff
  • Includes control rod to calibrate setup of the straightening machine
  • Designed to be able to be moved on site by a forklift
  • Wheels and collapsible handles allow for easy movement on the jobsite
  • Add-on uncoiler holds nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Round Conductor coils and provides a method of feeding material into the machine and gives repeatable and precise straightness results


Part Number Length 1L1 Length 2L2 Width 1W1 Width 2W2 Height 1H1 Height 2H2 Operating Voltage Unit Weight
CBSCSSM 43 1/4" 44 1/2" 20" 44 1/2" 39 1/4" 40" 220/240 V 507 lb
CBSCSSMT 43 1/4" 44 1/2" 20" 44 1/2" 39 1/4" 40" 110/120 V - 220/240 V 507 lb
Spare parts are available for order. Contact your nVent ERICO representative for more information.

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