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Copper or Steel Stud to Steel Surface

nVent ERICO Cadweld graphite molds are designed and engineered for thousands of connection styles and conductor combinations.


  • Forms a permanent, low resistance connection
  • Provides a molecular bond
  • nVent ERICO Cadweld Exothermic Connections are rated with the same current capacity as the conductor
  • Portable installation equipment with no external source of power required
  • Installers can be easily trained to make nVent ERICO Cadweld Exothermic Connections
  • Connections can be visually inspected


XX Mold Family
X Price Key
XX Stud Type
L* Split Crucible Crucible section is split on molds designed with horizontal opening for easier cleaning
M* Mold Only
W* Wear Plates Reduce mechanical abrasion of molds at cable entry points
* Empty if none


The search below may not contain all product options. For made-to-order configurations, consult the chart above.

Mold Family
Stud Type

Mold Family

Part Number Mold Family Stud Type Connects To
HVD37CU HV 1" Copper Stud Steel Surface
HVC14CU HV 1/2" Copper Stud Steel Surface
HVCP120 HV 12 mm Steel Stud Steel Surface
HVC18 HV 3/4" Steel Stud Steel Surface
HVC12CU HV 3/8" Copper Stud Steel Surface
HVC12 HV 3/8" Steel Stud Steel Surface
HVC31CU HV 5/8" Copper Stud Steel Surface
HXC22 HX 1" Steel Stud Steel Surface
HXC14CU HX 1/2" Copper Stud Steel Surface
HXC14 HX 1/2" Steel Stud Steel Surface
HXC10 HX 1/4" Steel Stud Steel Surface
HXC13CU HX 13 mm Copper Stud Steel Surface
HXC12 HX 3/8" Steel Stud Steel Surface
HXC16 HX 5/8" Steel Stud Steel Surface
For applications such as computer room, tunnel or other low-ventilation areas, specify a smokeless nVent ERICO Cadweld Exolon mold. Add an XL prefix to the standard mold part number when ordering (for example, a TAC2Q2Q becomes XLTAC2Q2Q). Similarly, nVent ERICO Cadweld Exolon welding material is also designated by the XL prefix (for example, 150 becomes XL150).
A gap between conductors may be required. See mold tag for more information.

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