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Hammer Die


  • Hardened steel die
  • Used to form the end of a field-made bond
  • Formed end designed to fit specific nVent ERICO Cadweld mold


Material: Steel
Type: Grounding
Part Number Conductor Size nVent ERICO Sleeve
JD01 4/0 Concentric S01F
JD02 4/0 Ropelay S02F
JD03 2/0 Concentric S03F
JD05 1/0 Concentric S05F
JD06 2/0 Ropelay S06F
JD07 250 kcmil Ropelay S07F
JD09 #2 Concentric S09F
JD11 #4 Concentric S20F
Type: Power
Part Number Conductor Size nVent ERICO Sleeve
PBWD102 120 mm² Concentric H106F
PBWD104 145 mm² Concentric S429F3N16
PBWD106 240 mm² Concentric S429FY922
PBWD99 240 mm² Ropelay S429F3N16
WD105 240 mm² Concentric S429FY922
WD79 500 kcmil Ropelay S429F3S20
WD80 1/0 Concentric S05F
WD82 95 mm² Concentric, 4/0 Concentric S01F
WD83 4/0 Ropelay S02F
WD84 2/0 Concentric, 1/0 Ropelay S03F
WD85 2/0 Ropelay S06F
WD87 150 mm² Ropelay S24F
WD88 4/0 Welding cable S429F3N16
WD94 35 mm² Concentric S17F
Type: Signal
Part Number Conductor Size nVent ERICO Sleeve
SBD50 3/16" Bondstrand SBS12C
SBD51 5/16" Bondstrand SBS09C
SBD55 35 mm² Concentric S17F

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