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Snap to Stud Electrical Box Bracket


  • Snap to stud function makes installation fast and easy, saving time and increasing productivity
  • Self-leveling feature ensures the electrical box is always square to the stud, for a consistent and professional installation
  • Mounts to either side of the stud and can be mounted side by side on the same stud
  • Accommodates all stud depths, simplifying purchasing and pre-fab operations
  • Works with standard or adjustable single and double gang mud rings
  • Rigid design delivers consistency and quality during the trim out phase, helping reduce call backs and costly repairs
  • Additional mounting tabs allow the bracket to be secured to the front and inside face of the stud for extra stability
  • Unique fold-out tabs eliminate the need to use scrap pieces of floor track to provide rigidity when mounting to the open face of studs
  • Specially shaped key holes help keep the box assembled even when the mud ring is removed, providing greater access to the box in the field


Material: Steel
Finish: Electrogalvanized
Part Number Stud Wall Depth Box Size DepthD HeightH WidthW ThicknessT
STS2346 2 1/2", 3 5/8", 4", 6" 4", 4 11/16" 3 5/8" 7.45" 8 1/4" 0.032"

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