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Universal Tray Support

Universal Tray Supports are the perfect solution for supporting cable trays while maintaining accessibility to cables after the installation is completed. Universal Tray Supports are different from labor-intensive traditional methods fabricated with ceiling brackets, strut channels, cantilever arms, and various hardware. Universal Tray Supports can be attached to ceiling, wall, threaded rod, or cable hanging systems to support all possible project requirements and additional cable capacity.


  • Universal design to accommodate various cable tray hanging methods including ceiling, wall, threaded rod, or cable hanging systems
  • C-shape maintains accessibility to cables after installation is completed
  • Strut profile on both arms allow for two runs of cable trays per bracket
  • Top tab can be bent allowing for extra wide cable trays to be installed when two brackets are fastened back-to-back
  • Key holes provided for wall mount applications
  • Works with the KBT Wire Basket Tray Clip for securing wire basket cable tray or J-bolts for securing cable ladder


Material: Steel
Finish: Electrogalvanized
Part Number A B C Hole Size 1HS1 Hole Size 2HS2 Hole Size 3HS3 Static Load 1F1 Static Load 2F2
UTS150 6.5" 6.1" 0.325" 0.33" 0.33" 0.41" 100 lb 200 lb
UTS200 8.8" 6.1" 0.325" 0.33" 0.35" 0.41" 100 lb 200 lb
UTS300 12.7" 6.2" 0.325" 0.33" 0.33" 0.41" 100 lb 200 lb
Refer to Static Load 1 for installations with threaded rod. Refer to Static Load 2 for wall mount and 3 mm nVent CADDY Speed Link installations.

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