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nVent CADDY Speed Link SLS with Hook


  • Complete system includes wire, locking device and pre-assembled hook end fitting
  • Hooks to a wide range of nVent CADDY fasteners
  • Fastens to the building structure or hanging services by looping around and hooking to wire rope
  • Easy to remove for applications requiring maintenance
  • Spring latch helps provide secure connection
  • Insert cable through hole and use bottom side of hook as an end stop
  • Finger tightening of nut secures the locking device into position without tools
  • Installs in strut profiles without the need to insert fingers or too​ls into the strut


Material: Steel; Zinc Alloy; Polypropylene
Finish: Electrogalvanized
Static Load Safety Factor: 5:1
Complies With: SMACNA HVAC-DCS
Wire Rope Diameter: 2 mm
Part Number SLS2L1 SLS2L2 SLS2L3 SLS2L5 SLS2L7 SLS2L10
Wire Rope Length 3.3' 6.6' 9.9' 16.4' 22.9' 32.8'
A 2.24"
B 0.79"
C 0.22"
Height 1 (H1) 2.1"
Height 2 (H2) 1.7"
Thread Size (TS) M8
Width (W) 0.63"
Hole Size (HS) 0.31" – 0.38"
Slot Size (SS) 0.31" x 0.25" - 0.31" x 0.38"
Thickness (T) 0.15" Max
Static Load (F) 60 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 10 pc
Wire Rope Diameter: 3 mm
Part Number SLS3L1 SLS3L2 SLS3L3 SLS3L5 SLS3L7 SLS3L10
Wire Rope Length 3.3' 6.6' 9.9' 16.4' 22.9' 32.8'
A 2.27"
B 0.91"
C 0.24"
Height 1 (H1) 2.1"
Height 2 (H2) 1.8"
Thread Size (TS) M12
Width (W) 0.80"
Hole Size (HS) 0.50" – 0.56"
Slot Size (SS) 0.47" x 0.39" - 0.47" x 0.56"
Thickness (T) 0.25" Max
Static Load (F) 150 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 10 x 10 pc 10 x 5 pc 5 x 5 pc
The 2 mm locking device is compatible with C-Channel Types E0 and E0L.
The 3 mm locking device is compatible with C-Channel Types E1, E2, E2L, E3, E4, E5, Strut Channel Type C, Slotted, Strut Channel Type A, Slotted, Strut Channel Type AS, Perforated, Strut Channel Type CC, Slotted, Strut Channel Type AA, Slotted.
Total load per wire on a multi-tier trapeze must not exceed static load.

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