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nVent CADDY Speed Link SLS Locking Device


  • Single barrel locking device allows for quick prefabrication of strut or brackets
  • Push-on nut quickly and securely installs to strut or bracket to keep the locking device in position and eases installation
  • Finger tightening of nut secures the locking device into position without tools
  • Installs in strut profiles without the need to insert fingers or too​ls into the strut
  • Push-on nut guides the cable into the locking device and brings stability to the support
  • Installs with open side of the strut channel facing up or down for more flexibility​


Material: Steel; Polypropylene; Zinc Alloy
Part Number Wire Rope Diameter Thread SizeTS Height 1H1 Height 2H2 WidthW ThicknessT Hole SizeHS Slot SizeSS
SLS2C50 2 mm M8 2.1" 1.7" 0.63" 0.15" Max 0.31" – 0.38" 0.31" x 0.25" - 0.31" x 0.38"
SLS3C50 3 mm M12 2.1" 1.8" 0.80" 0.25" Max 0.50" – 0.56" 0.47" x 0.39" - 0.47" x 0.56"
The 2 mm locking device is compatible with C-Channel Types E0 and E0L.
The 3 mm locking device is compatible with C-Channel Types E1, E2, E2L, E3, E4, E5, Strut Channel Type C, Slotted, Strut Channel Type A, Slotted, Strut Channel Type AS, Perforated, Strut Channel Type CC, Slotted, Strut Channel Type AA, Slotted.
Locking devices are only to be used with nVent CADDY Speed Link wire spools and accessories with the same specified Wire Rope Diameter as the locking device. Do not use with any other wires.

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