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EBC-133 Earthing and Neutral Busbar

EBC-133 Earthing and Neutral Busbars are used to connect multiple earthing conductors within a panel and can be used in a variety of different applications including switchgear and control equipment, electrical equipment, wind and solar power generation, data centers and in power distribution application.

EBC-133 Earthing and Neutral Busbar can be fixed using IRS Angle Support Bracket, DMH Metallic Spacer or DH Distance Holder and Spacer.


  • Easy for the installer to add connections
  • Clamps are fully assembled
  • Clamps follow the screw vertically, making it quick and easy to mount the conductor
  • Cut to length as needed
  • Main terminal clamp available for thicker conductors
  • Can be connected to IBSB25 Insulated Braided Conductor, MBJ Grounding and Bonding Braid, and nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar up to 9 mm (0.354")
  • Quick and easy installation
  • RoHS compliant


Material: Copper; Steel
Finish: Electrogalvanized
Part Number EBC133-10X3X2000 EBC133-15X5X2000
Article Number 568612 568613
Number of Connections 133
Conductor Size, IEC (133) 0.5 - 16 mm² Solid
(133) 0.5 - 10 mm² Stranded
Conductor Width 0.35" Max
Max Current Rating 108 A 218 A
Cross Section 59.2 kcmil 148.0 kcmil
Depth (D) 0.39" 0.59"
Width (W) 6.56'
Thickness (T) 0.12" 0.20"
A 0.59"
B 0.19" 0.27"
Thread Size (TS) M5
Torque (TQ) 1.84 ft lb 3.32 ft lb
Unit Weight 2.20 lb 3.97 lb

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