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Metal Pressure Clip


  • Ideal for smaller runs of cable
  • Flexible clip retains shape and allows for cables to be inserted after installation
  • Rounded edges help prevent cable damage
  • Cables are neatly installed providing a consistent and professional appearance
  • Low-profile allows for installations in tight spaces


Material: Spring Steel
Finish: nVent CADDY Armour
Part Number Cable Capacity DiameterØ Hole SizeHS LengthL
PKM10H3 10 0.39" Max 0.19" 6 3/4"
PKM10H6 10 0.39" Max 0.28" 6 3/4"
PKM16H3 16 0.39" Max 0.19" 9 1/4"
PKM16H6 16 0.39" Max 0.28" 9 1/4"
Supports cable diameters up to 1/2" (13 mm) when installed with a standard 1/4" (6 mm) washer.

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