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Prefabricated Cable Assembly

Safe 24 V operating low-voltage cable assembly is of simple design and rugged construction to ensure long life and minimum maintenance. The self-regulating feature enables the heating system to vary power output in response to changes in surrounding temperatures and weather conditions. As temperatures increase, the self-regulating cable automatically decreases its heat output, providing dependable over temperature protection. Self-regulating cables conserve energy by providing heat when and where it is needed over the entire circuit length. Available cable assemblies include 12 m (39.4') of regular electrical cable connected in our manufacturing facilities to self-regulating cable.


  • Self-regulating heating technology from nVent RAYCHEM
  • Touch-safe operating temperature
  • Prefabricated and tested in factory
  • Designed for installation into mounting channel
  • Rugged construction to withstand harsh environmental conditions


Material: Copper; Fluoropolymer
Finish: Nickel Plated
Part Number Length 1 Length 2 Operating Voltage Temperature Number of Conductors
RHS4TA1CA12 3.3' 39.4' 24 V 176 °F Max 2
RHS4TA4CA12 13.1' 39.4' 24 V 176 °F Max 2
RHS4TA5CA12 16.4' 39.4' 24 V 176 °F Max 2
RHS4TA6CA12 19.7' 39.4' 24 V 176 °F Max 2
RHS4TA7CA12 23.0' 39.4' 24 V 176 °F Max 2
RHS4TA9CA12 29.5' 39.4' 24 V 176 °F Max 2
Length 1 represents the length of self-regulated heating cable. Length 2 represents the length of electrical cable.

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