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Mesh Bonding Network Connector, MBNC240


  • Allows for fast, simple and economical field connection of grounding and bonding wires
  • Heavy duty clamps with stainless steel hardware are suitable for direct burial
  • Can accommodate additional pigtails that can be used to connect to building steel and equipment
  • Can be combined with Universal Pedestal Clamp for bonding to various pedestal sizes for mesh bonding networks


Material: Copper; Stainless Steel 304 (EN 1.4301)
Part Number Conductor Size nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Conductor Complies With Standard Packaging Quantity
MBNC240 #2 Solid - 4/0 Stranded, 35 mm² - 100 mm² CBSC8, CBSC10, CBSC13 IEC® 62561-1 25 pc
IEC compliance is valid only for nVent ERICO Cu-Bond Conductors listed.

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