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Ground Mesh

Prefabricated ground mesh from nVent ERICO is a convenient, efficient and economical means of improving grounding systems at facilities with high voltage installations and wherever large area grounds are required. Equipotential mesh reduces step potentials at power plants and substations, and effectively minimizes ground plane fluctuations at communications antenna sites. Wire mesh is also an excellent ground screen, reflector and electronic shield for large facilities. Prefabricated ground mesh is also easy to install, as no digging or trenching is required. Simply unroll over the ground, interconnect by welding to adjacent sections of mesh using nVent ERICO Cadweld, then weld to the main ground grid in substations or weld to ground rods. The mesh may be covered with a layer of earth or crushed stone depending on the application. The nVent ERICO Cadweld process provides a rapid and economical method of interconnecting mesh in the field. The resulting weld is permanent and corrosion resistant, and has a current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor.


  • Prefabricated ground mesh wound into a roll format for shipping
  • Silver brazed joints (35% silver alloy brazing material) provide strength to resist separation during installation and bear the traffic of heavy vehicles
  • Conductor spacing in many rectangular configurations up to 24” x 48” (610 mm x 1219 mm) in 2” (51 mm) increments
  • Normally supplied in sections with standard overhang for interconnecting half conductor spacing + 2” (51 mm)


Material: Copper; Copper-Bonded Steel
Part Number MESH
Length 2 (L2) 2" – 24"
Width 1 (W1) 20' Max
Width 2 (W2) 2" – 48"
Conductor Size #6 Solid Copper
#6 Copper-Clad Steel (30% or 40% Conductivity)
#8 Solid Copper
#8 Copper-Clad Steel (30% or 40% Conductivity)
#10 Solid Copper
Overhang Standard: Half Conductor Spacing + 2" (51 mm)
Half Conductor Spacing
Unit Weight 500 lb Max
Net Weight (lbs) per 1,000 Square Feet 
Conductor Spacing (W2 x L2) Copper-clad Steel Conductor (AWG) Solid Copper Conductor (AWG)
#6 #8 #10 #6 #8 #10
2" x 2" 888 lbs 558 lbs 351 lbs 974 lbs 609 lbs 383 lbs
4" x 4" 443 lbs 279 lbs 175 lbs 487 lbs 305 lbs 192 lbs
6" x 6" 295 lbs 186 lbs 117 lbs 325 lbs 203 lbs 128 lbs
8" x 8" 222 lbs 139 lbs 88 lbs 243 lbs 153 lbs 96 lbs
12" x 12" 148 lbs 93 lbs 59 lbs 163 lbs 102 lbs 64 lbs
24" x 24" 74 lbs 47 lbs 29 lbs 91 lbs 51 lbs 32 lbs
Add 75 lbs per roll for approximate shipping weight.
Length 1 (L1) is unlimited, up to 500 lbs. (227 kg) maximum. Length 2 (L2) and Width 2 (W2) are available in 2" (51 mm) increments only.

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