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Air Terminal, Copper-Bonded, Imperial Thread


  • For use in non-UL® applications such as tower lightning protection
  • Designed to be installed directly to structural steel
  • Mounting hardware included


Material: Copper-Bonded Steel
Part Number DiameterØ HeightH Thread SizeTS
LPCC584NC4 0.62" 48" 1/2 UNC
LPCC585NC4 0.62" 60" 1/2 UNC
LPCC586NC4 0.62" 72" 1/2 UNC
LPCC588NC4 0.62" 96" 1/2 UNC
LPCC5810NC4 0.62" 120" 1/2 UNC
LPCC346NC4 0.75" 72" 5/8 UNC
LPCC348NC4 0.75" 96" 5/8 UNC
LPCC3410NC4 0.75" 120" 5/8 UNC

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