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Air Terminal, Offset, Imperial Thread


  • Offset air terminal to provide separation from equipment


LP Standard Prefix
C Material Code A: Aluminum, C: Copper, S: Stainless Steel 304 (EN 1.4301)
20 Diameter 20: 3/8", 22: 1/2", 24: 5/8"
8 Length 1: 10", 2: 12", 3: 15", 4: 18", 5: 24", 6: 30", 7: 36", 8: 48"
9: For all non-standard lengths and lengths greater than 48"
B* Finish Code B: Bare, L: Tinned
ST* Tip Type ST: Safety Tip
XX* Overall Terminal Length Used for non-standard lengths and lengths from 49" to 99". Must be order in whole inch increments.
OS Offset Terminal
C Bend Angle A: 15°, B: 30°, C: 45°, D: 60°, E: 75°, F: 90°
N Bend Length M: 4", N: 6", P: 8", Q: 10", R: 12", S: 14"
* Empty if none
Material: Copper
Part Number Thread SizeTS DiameterØ Type LengthL Anglea A
LPC208BSTOSCN 3/8 UNC 3/8" Blunt 48" 45° 6"
Offset air terminals can be ordered in various materials, diameters, lengths, finishes, tips and bends. The part information above illustrates one example. Use the part number information key to create a part number for available configurations.
Length represents the total air terminal length prior to offset bending.
Lower offset bend is made at half of Length.

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