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FT12 Standard Coupler

The nVent LENTON Ultimate FT12 Standard Coupler is designed for high performance applications, efficiently creating mechanical reinforcing bar connections where the second bar can be rotated and is not restricted in its axial direction. The nVent LENTON self-aligning, taper-thread reduces misalignment issues and helps eliminate cross-threading during installation. The FT12 is used in conjunction with the MT12 Male Taper-Threaded Stud for bar-to-bar connections.

Additionally, the FT12 Standard Coupler can be used in conjunction with threaded bars produced on nVent LENTON threaders. However, when using in conjunction with taper-threaded bars produced on nVent LENTON threaders, the performance of the connection may change. Contact your nVent LENTON representative for more information.


  • Slim design maintains concrete cover
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Utilizes the standard nVent LENTON taper profile
  • No special tools or skills required


Material: Steel
Finish: Plain
100% U.S. Domestic Content: Yes
Part Number Rebar Size, Metric Rebar Size, US Rebar Size, Canada Hex WidthW DiameterØ LengthL Bar DepthBD Unit Weight
LU12FT12D 12 mm #4 10M 0.69" 1.54" 0.84" 0.1 lb
LU16FT12D 16 mm #5 15M 0.88" 1.82" 1.06" 0.2 lb
LU20FT12D 20 mm #6 20M 1.06" 2.48" 1.54" 0.5 lb
LU22FT12D 22 mm #7 1.19" 2.60" 1.63" 0.6 lb
LU25FT12D 25 mm #8 25M 1.38" 2.77" 1.73" 0.8 lb
LU28FT12D 28 mm #9 30M 1.50" 2.87" 1.82" 0.9 lb
LU32FT12D 32 mm #10 1.75" 3.04" 1.95" 1.3 lb
LU36FT12D 36 mm #11 35M 1.88" 3.37" 2.21" 1.6 lb
LU43TFT12D 43 mm #14 45M 2.25" 4.39" 2.90" 3.0 lb
LU57TFT12D 57 mm #18 55M 3.00" 5.23" 3.57" 6.4 lb
Bar dimensions and weights listed may vary by region. Coupler sizes not shown may be available by special order. Contact your nVent LENTON representative for more information.

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