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Universal Restraint Clip


  • Attaches cable brace to structure


Material: Steel
Finish: Electrogalvanized
Part Number Brace Size Hole SizeHS UL Listed Load
CSBURC38 #12, #18, #36 7/16" 1,600 lb
CSBURC12 #12, #18, #36 9/16" 1,600 lb
CSBURC58 #12, #18, #36 11/16" 1,600 lb
CSBURC4812 #48 9/16" 4,600 lb
CSBURC4858 #48 11/16" 4,600 lb
CSBURC4834 #48 13/16" 4,600 lb
Mount to the structure using the center hole. Loop cable through the holes in the bent tabs and crimp in place.

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