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nVent CADDY Speed Link Universal Support System

nVent CADDY Speed Link is a universal support system designed to reduce installation time. A cost-effective alternative to jack chain, threaded rod, strut and strut nuts, this innovative system has the versatility to meet virtually all your support needs.


  • Systems include locking device, wire rope, and specialty end fitting
  • Strong, yet flexible, wire rope
  • Selection of locking devices for different applications and load requirements
  • Extensive range of end fittings for various types of structural attachments
  • Allows objects to be hung at a variety of angles, even from sloped ceilings
  • Works with an assortment of nVent CADDY fasteners
nVent CADDY Speed Link SLK System
Versatile wire rope system featuring keyless adjustment across a broad range of applications; ideal for hanging ductwork, pipe and tube, cable tray, lighting, conduit, strut profiles and signage.
nVent CADDY Speed Link SLS System
Versatile wire rope system that attaches directly to metal framing channels without the use of tools; ideal for hanging strut-based applications, ceiling fan units or cable tray.
nVent CADDY Speed Link LD System
Light duty wire rope system; ideal for hanging lighting fixtures, ductwork, speakers, alarm sensors, signage and pipes.
nVent CADDY Speed Link Extensions
Wire rope extensions with specialty end fittings to combine with other nVent CADDY Speed Link systems.
nVent CADDY Speed Link Locking Devices and Wire Rope
Locking devices and wire rope are available in bulk allowing installers to customize nVent CADDY Speed Link systems for any project.
nVent CADDY Speed Link Accessories
Accessories for nVent CADDY Speed Link wire rope systems.

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cUL DWMU7.E165703
CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 18.4-04
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HVAC‐DCS 3rd edition, Chapter 5, Tables 5‐1 and 5‐1M, 84 KB English
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