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XCFR8.E198301 – CSA C22.2 No. 158

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CSA C22.2 No. 158

Parts With This Certification

Part Number Article Number Description
SB125AL 561161 Power Block, Cable-Cable, 180 A IEC, 150 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SB160AL 561162 Power Block, Cable-Cable, 230 A IEC, 200 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SB250AL 561163 Power Block, Cable-Cable, 400 A IEC, 255 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SB2C400AL 561166 Power Block, Cable-2 Cables, 400 A IEC, 335 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SB400AL 561164 Power Block, Cable-Cable, 500 A IEC, 335 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SB630AL 561168 Power Block, Cable-Cable, 630 A IEC, 545 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SB80AL 561160 Power Block, Cable-Cable, 100 A IEC, 85 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SBF2C400AL 561167 Power Block, Flexibar-2 Cables, 400 A IEC, 335 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SBF400AL 561165 Power Block, Flexibar-Cable, 400 A IEC, 335 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SBF630AL 561169 Power Block, Flexibar-Cable, 630 A IEC, 545 A UL, Aluminum, Thermoplastic
SBLL-250 561132 SBLL-250 Lug-to-Lug Power Terminal
SBLL-500 561134 SBLL-500 Lug-to-Lug Power Terminal
SBLL-800 561136 SBLL-800 Lug-to-Lug Power Terminal
SBLT-250 561140 SBLT-250 Lug-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
SBLT-350 561142 SBLT-350 Lug-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
SBLT-500 561144 SBLT-500 Lug-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
SBLT-800 561146 SBLT-800 Lug-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
SBTT-250 561141 SBTT-250 Tunnel-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
SBTT-350 561143 SBTT-350 Tunnel-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
SBTT-500 561145 SBTT-500 Tunnel-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
SBTT-800 561147 SBTT-800 Tunnel-to-Tunnel Power Terminal
TDL-400A 563995 TDL Compact Four Pole Distribution Block, 400 A
UD-250A 569040 UD-250A Single Pole Distribution Block
UD-400112AL 569252 UD-400A-112AL Single Pole Distribution Block
UD-400112CU 569052 UD-400A-112CU Single Pole Distribution Block
UD-400212AL 569251 UD-400A-212AL Single Pole Distribution Block
UD-400212CU 569051 UD-400A-212CU Single Pole Distribution Block
UD-400A 569050 UD-400A Single Pole Distribution Block
UD-80A 569010 UD-80A Single Pole Distribution Block
UDF-250A 569041 UDF-250A Single Pole Distribution Block
UDF-500A 569060 UDF-500A Single Pole Distribution Block
UDJ-125A 569020 UDJ-125A Single Pole Distribution Block
UDJ-160A 569030 UDJ-160A Single Pole Distribution Block