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ERITECH® Grounding Products Keep Equipment and Facilities Safe

ERITECH® Grounding Products Keep Equipment and Facilities Safe

ERICO® offers a wide range of grounding products to protect your valuable equipment and facilities.


  • Easily connects the grounding conductor to the ground rod with the strike of a hammer
  •  Has greater current-carrying capacity than most mechanical ground rod connectors
  • UL® Listed
ERITECH® Ground Bars
  • Provide a convenient, single-point grounding and bonding location
  • Create an equipotential plane between service grounds and equipment during fault and transient conditions
  • UL Listed
ERITECH® EK16/EK17 Direct-Burial Ground Clamp to Rebar
  • Features a conductor lay-in slot that reduces installation time
  • Easiest way to meet new code requirements
  • Is designed to handle a range of conductors from #10 to #2 AWG
  • UL Listed
ERITECH® Convenient Ground Electrode (CGE) Kits
  • Contain two 4’ (1.2 m) ERITECHÒcopperbonded ground rods, a drive sleeve, a compression coupler and a grounding connector
  • Easy to install from ground level and convenient to transport
  • UL Listed
ERITECH® Copperbonded Ground Rods
  • Exceed the requirements of ANSI®/UL 467-2004, CSA© and ANSI/NEMA® GR-1 and last 40 or more years

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