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Self-Regulating Heating Technology Provides Safe, Low-Voltage Performance and Proven. 

Energy Efficiency Ensuring Proper Operation in Ice and Snow for the Global Railway Industry

ANOKA, Minn. –– August 14, 2017 –– Pentair, a global leader in protecting critical processes, people and the environment, announces the introduction of a new ERICO Rail Switch Heating System specifically designed to advert snow and ice buildup and assist with reliable track operations on passenger and freight trains, metros and tramways. Normally mounted to rail switch points, the system is engineered to melt snow and ice using a low voltage 24V solution allowing proper and safe operation by railway personnel.

A switch point heating system needs to perform three distinct functions:

1.             Prevent the moving switch rail from freezing to the fixed stock rail.

2.             Prevent the switch rail from freezing to the supporting slide plates.

3.             Prevent any buildup of snow, sleet or hail between the switch rail and the stock rail that could compact and prevent the point system from operating correctly.

The heating system is self-regulated, allowing itself to automatically adjust the power output to compensate for temperature changes. This advanced technology was developed to provide a simplified installation method and energy efficient design. It also provides significant savings compared to older techniques in which the heaters are either constantly on for the entire winter or operated by a control sensor. The self-regulating system does not require a controls system or panel making it a far simpler lower maintenance solution.

Melting snow and ice in switch points using a low voltage 24V solution helps create a safe working environment and eliminates the risk of hot spots or overheating. ERICO understands that equipping the global railway market with safe and reliable solutions helps limit safety risks to personnel, damage to critical equipment, data corruption and expenses associated with operational downtime.

This system is used in conjunction with ERICO RAILCLIPS and Conductor Management Solutions which are required to safely hold the system in position on the rail in order to optimize heat transfer. This line offers a versatile range of weather and UV resistant products and accessories that are designed to increase the useful lifetime of trackside conductors, reduce maintenance, improve wayside safety and reduce the total project cost over time.

ERICO offers the widest range of products and solutions to meet the demanding requirements of the global railway industry. All ERICO Brand products and solutions are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9000 series accreditation and are backed by superior technical support and product warranties. The ERICO Rail Switch Heating System satisfies the compliance and regulatory requirements of American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

As a long-standing partner for the global railway industry, ERICO is established as one of the best. ERICO has been actively involved in developing products and solutions for more than 100 years. With development, manufacturing and logistics networks in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, we provide worldwide competence while guaranteeing proximity to our customers and optimal satisfaction of local market demands. Find out more about innovative solutions and offerings designed specifically for freight rail, heavy rail and rail transit applications from ERICO by visiting: erico.pentair.com

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