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511 nVent CADDY EZ Riser for Copper Tube



  • Recommended for suspending vertical type K or L copper tubing risers
  • Conforms with Federal Specification WW-H-171 (Type 8), Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) SP-58 (Type 8)
  • Slotted holes make assembly easy, eliminating loose hardware
  • Bolts are accessible from the front, serrated washer head design means no wrench required on back side for tightening


Part Number 5110150CP
Material Steel
Finish Copper Electroplated
Pipe Size 1 1/2"
Outer Diameter (OD) 1 5/8"
Hole Size (HS) 7/16"
Length (L) 1 1/2"
A 9 1/2"
B 1 1/4"
Screw Diameter (Sc) 3/8"
Screw Length (L) 1 1/2"
Static Load (F) 150 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 25 pc
UPC 78285636967
Clamp is fitted for copper tube and should be installed below a coupling or shear lug, with bolts torqued to recommended value.

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