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Thread Install Rod Hanger with Shot-Fire Bracket



  • Suspends threaded rod without the need for additional hardware
  • Complete with shot-fire bracket and pre-assembled drive pin from Powers Fasteners, Inc.
  • Quickly and easily attaches to concrete, steel or composite metal decking
  • Integrated pin installs easily using powder-actuated or single-shot gas-actuated tools
  • ICC-ES ESR-2024 evaluation report available for drive pin from Powers Fasteners, Inc


Part Number 6TIBSF
Material Steel
Spring Steel
Finish Electrogalvanized
nVent CADDY Armour
Rod Size (RS) 3/8"
Height (H) 2.35"
Width (W) 2.31"
A 1.3"
Static Load (F) 100 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 100 pc
UPC 78285686095
Uses Powers Fasteners, Inc. part number 50032.
Static load was established based on a 1” (25.4 mm) embedment depth and 3,000 psi (20.68 MPa) lightweight concrete. For variations in embedment and material please consult www.powers.com.
For shot-fired supports in seismic design category D, E, or F, maximum load is the lesser of 90 lb (400 N) or the published load.

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