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CADDY ALL-IN-ONE Between-Stud Without Mud Ring, Multi-Box



  • Comes with multiple boxes pre-assembled for side by side power and data applications
  • Provides the flexibility to add a mud ring for non-standard drywall thicknesses
  • Box remains fixed in place when mud ring is removed
  • Pre-bent tabs on support bracket help to quickly square assembly to stud
  • Center marks provide easy height positioning
  • Includes multiple knockouts on each side of the box
  • Works with standard US and Canadian mud rings
  • Made in the USA


Part Number A1BF0G40N
Material Steel
Finish Pregalvanized
Knockout Sizes, Box 1 (8) 1/2", 3/4"
(3) 1/2"
Knockout Sizes, Box 2 (4) 1"
(4) 1 1/4"
Ground Wire Included, Box 1 Yes
Volume, Box 1 32.8 in³
Ground Wire Included, Box 2 No
Volume, Box 2 42 in³
Stud Spacing 16" – 24"
Depth (D) 3 5/8"
A 5 3/8"
B 4 1/8"
Standard Packaging Quantity 5 pc
UPC 78285692542
Ground wire pigtail is 10".
24" stud spacing requires use of three mounting screws.
Use only with CADDY ALL-IN-ONE box assemblies.

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