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Galvanized Theft Deterrent Cable


Theft-deterrent composite cables (TDCC) are conductors that function as copper conductors, but appear to be non-copper conductors and are difficult to cut and steal. These conductors are ideal for exposed electrical distribution grounding leads where copper theft may occur. Theft deterrent conductors are difficult to cut with hand tools and the outer steel stranding is magnetic, which further deters thieves looking for copper.

Theft-deterrent cables conductors are either bare or insulated concentric stranded conductors that consist of outer galvanized steel strands that protect and conceal internal tinned copper strands.

Smaller diameter conductors such as a #4 AWG equivalent are ideal for transmission tower, distribution pole and streetlight grounding applications. Larger sizes such as the conductor equivalents to either 2/0 or 4/0 copper conductors are suitable for a wide range of grounding applications.


  • Inner copper stranding is tinned for superior corrosion resistance
  • Inner copper core provides increased conductivity and flexibility
  • More flexible and easier to work with than copper clad steel conductors


Part Number CC5A04
Material Copper
Finish Tinned
Insulated No
Stranding (1) Tinned Copper, (6) Galvanized Steel
Resistance 0.485 Ω/1000'
Fusing Capacity Equivalency #4
Cable Diameter 0.33"
Cable Length 250'
Unit Weight 57 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 250'
UPC 78285662778
EAN-13 8711893057508
Weight does not include reel.

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