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nVent CADDY Rod Lock Bottom-Mount Duct Bracket



  • Ideal for modular assembly – allows attachment of brackets to sections of duct while safely on the ground
  • Slotted holes in bracket allow for horizontal adjustment of the bracket relative to the duct
  • Easy "push-to-install" design allows installers to simply push the threaded rod through the mounting hole, instantly holding it in position
  • Ready to use out of the box and eliminates the need for cutting and preparing sections of strut, angle iron, or strap
  • Integrated adjustment nut enables fine tuning the system height up or down
  • Lock nut can be finger tightened, locking the rod in place
  • Extremely useful in tight spaces where wrenches are difficult to use
  • Includes self-tapping sheet metal screws to attach bracket to duct


Part Number CRLD37BEG
Material Steel
Finish Electrogalvanized
Rod Size (RS) 3/8"
Height (H) 1.7"
Length (L) 3 1/2"
Width (W) 4"
A 2 1/2"
Static Load (F) 650 lb
Certifications SMACNA Duct Brackets
Standard Packaging Quantity 25 pc
UPC 78285679394

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