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nVent LENTON Form Saver with Large Anchor, D6SA


The nVent LENTON Form Saver with Large Anchor provides a method of splicing reinforcing bar in segmental concrete construction applications that have limited space or are severely congested. The large head significantly reduces required embedment length of the mating reinforcing bar. Typically used in beam/column applications, the nVent LENTON Form Saver with Large Anchor easily attaches to the form panels. When the form is stripped, the protected threaded end of the coupler is exposed. Simply remove the protective cap and install the nVent LENTON taper threaded dowel bar. This system eliminates hooked bar congestion, protruding dowels and the need to drill holes in expensive formwork.


  • Durable mounting plates allow for easy attachment to forms
  • Built-in thread cover or screw-in plug protects internal threads from concrete paste contamination
  • Head area exceeds 5x bar area (net 4x)
  • Coupler and anchor head are one piece
  • Available in customer specified lengths


Part Number EL32D6SA0600
Material Steel
Finish Plain
100% U.S. Domestic Content Yes
Rebar Size, Metric 32 mm
Rebar Size, US #10
Rebar Size, Canada 32M
Diameter 1 (Ø1) 1.87"
Diameter 2 (Ø2) 3"
Height (H) 2.5"
Length (L) 6"
Bar Depth (BD) 1.58"
Unit Weight 6 lb
Designed to Meet AASHTO
ABNT NBR 8548:1984
ACI 318 Type 1 (125% Specified Yield)
ACI 318 Type 2 (Specified Ultimate)
ACI 349
ACI 359
CAN/CSA - N287.2/.3/.4
IBC Type 1 (125% Specified Yield)
IBC Type 2 (Specified Ultimate)
US Army Corps of Engineers
Standard Packaging Quantity 6 pc
UPC 78285665284
Bar dimensions and weights listed may vary by region. Coupler sizes not shown may be available by special order. Contact your nVent LENTON representative for more information.

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