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S5 Imperial UN Parallel Bolt Coupler, Plain



  • Provides continuity between reinforcing bar and imperial UN all-thread rod or bolts
  • May be used to anchor load-bearing equipment to foundations, columns or walls
  • Machined from non-weldable grades of material, but can be tack welded


Part Number EL43TS5
Material Steel
Finish Plain
100% U.S. Domestic Content Yes
Rebar Size, Metric 43 mm
Rebar Size, US #14
Rebar Size, Canada 45M
Diameter (Ø) 3"
Length (L) 6.14"
A 3 1/2"
Bar Depth (BD) 2.2"
Thread Size (TS) 2 UN
Thread Depth (TD) 2 1/2"
Unit Weight 8.2 lb
Designed to Meet AASHTO
ABNT NBR 8548:1984
ACI 318 Type 1 (125% Specified Yield)
ACI 318 Type 2 (Specified Ultimate)
ACI 349
ACI 359
CAN/CSA - N287.2/.3/.4
IBC Type 1 (125% Specified Yield)
IBC Type 2 (Specified Ultimate)
US Army Corps of Engineers
Standard Packaging Quantity 6 pc
UPC 78285672540
Bolt-to-Coupler Capacity
Part Number Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 8
EL25S5 47,427 lbs 94,855 lbs 118,568 lbs
EL28S5 59,982 lbs 119,965 lbs 143,220 lbs
EL32S5A 89,511 lbs 179,021 lbs 206,473 lbs
EL32S5B 59,982 lbs 119,965 lbs 143,220 lbs
EL36S5 124,929 lbs 232,146 lbs 232,146 lbs
EL36S5A 74,010 lbs 148,020 lbs 149,029 lbs
EL43TS5 166,239 lbs 332,477 lbs 371,623 lbs
EL57TS5 266,528 lbs 533,057 lbs 586,526 lbs
EL57TS5A 213,438 lbs 426,876 lbs 453,009 lbs
Bar dimensions and weights listed may vary by region. Coupler sizes not shown may be available by special order. Contact your nVent LENTON representative for more information.
Coupler supplied without bolt.
Bolt may be replaced by threaded rod of same class/grade.
All calculations based on a minimum bolt engagement equal to Thread Depth (TD).
System Capacity based on bolt to coupler connection. For rebar to coupler connection, refer to applicable building codes and approvals or contact your nVent LENTON representative.

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