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nVent LENTON Inspection Wrench


nVent LENTON taper-threaded couplers are typically installed with a standard pipe wrench. The nVent LENTON inspection wrench is provided to check tightness of connections. The frequency of inspection is set by the governing building codes or inspector.

When installing nVent LENTON taper-threaded products, refer to the specific nVent LENTON Product Instruction Sheets and/or Governing Building Codes and Approvals for the proper wrench setting. The specified torque value is easily set using the scale attached to the wrench.


  • All wrenches are marked with unique serial numbers
  • Setting of torque values is simple
  • Used on multiple bar sizes


Part Number ELT110D
Torque (TQ) 200 ft lb Max
Rebar Size, Metric 10 – 57 mm
Rebar Size, US #3 – #57
Rebar Size, Canada 10M – 55M
Length 1 (L1) 31.5"
Length 2 (L2) 3" Max
Height 1 (H1) 2"
Height 2 (H2) 4"
Unit Weight 9.7 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285651972
To ensure safety, good footing and/or balance should be maintained when using wrenches of this type. Failure to maintain footing or balance could result in injury and/or damage to property. Note further product safety instructions in safety documentation provided with the wrench.
Follow manufacturer's recommendation for recalibration of the wrench. Typically, service and re-calibration are required once a year.
Ensure that the tool is stored properly to minimize damage. When stored for long periods, adjust the tool to a low setting to relieve stress on internal parts.
For further information, please review the manufacturer's instructions.

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