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Universal Telecom Grounding Busbar


Most equipment on a telecommunication tower is grounded by connecting a copper conductor to a ground bar mounted to the tower itself. The lead length of the conductor is often extensive, which can add resistance to the grounding system.

Universal Telecom Grounding Busbar provides a simple compact product with flexible mounting methods on small pipes, large diameter poles and masts, and angle beam structures. Universal Telecom Grounding Busbar is designed to be less obtrusive than traditional ground bars.


  • Box design is less obtrusive than traditional ground bars
  • Installs on poles or pipes using hose clamps or stainless steel banding clamps
  • Installs on angle beams with Universal Telecom Grounding Busbar Beam Clamp
  • Available in tinned copper to reduce dissimilar metal issues
  • Includes 10 double-hole lug attachment points


Material Copper
Finish Tinned
Height (H) 6"
Depth (D) 4 1/4"
Width (W) 5 7/8"
Hole Size (HS) 7/16"
A 1"
Unit Weight 8.75 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285694228

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