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nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Summum, Halogen Free

FLEXSM2MRC3X32 (566630)


  • Halogen free solution for applications requiring a low smoke solution
  • Thin layers of bare electrolytic copper formed into a stack
  • Silver or tinned nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar Summum available on request
  • Insulated by halogen-free, high-temperature silicone
  • Easily bent, folded, and twisted, improving assembly flexibility, shortening connections, and decreasing footprint
  • Dramatically smaller and more flexible than comparable cable based on ampacity
  • Better power density than cable with lower skin effect ratio
  • Connections made by punching and bolting directly through the copper laminates, clamping onto the end of the nVent ERIFLEX Flexibar, or welding using nVent ERICO Cadweld
  • No lugs needed, reducing installation time and improving resistance to vibration
  • Weight savings and material savings compared to wire alternatives
  • Reduces total installation cost
  • Very high resistance to UV and ozone
  • Limiting oxygen index (LOI)
  • Traceability codes and designation part numbers printed on insulation
  • Conforms to NF EN 45545 obtaining an HL2 classification for chapters R22 and R23
  • EAC compliant
  • RoHS compliant


Part Number FLEXSM2MRC3X32
Article Number 566630
Material Copper
Dielectric Strength 20 kV/mm
Flammability Rating UL® 94V-0
Insulation Elongation 400 %
Insulation Thickness 0.08"
Nominal Voltage, IEC 1,000 VAC
1,500 VDC
Working Temperature -58 to 536 °F
Complies With IEC® 60439.1
IEC® 61439.1
Length (L) 6.56'
∆T 40 K 430 A
∆T 50 K 480 A
∆T 60 K 525 A
Conducting Layers (N) 3
A 1.260"
B 0.039"
Cross Section 189.46 kcmil
2 Bar Current Coefficient 1.72
3 Bar Current Coefficient 2.25
Unit Weight 4.85 lb
Certifications ABS FLEXIBAR
EAC 02941 (Russian Federation)
Standard Packaging Quantity 5 pc
UPC 78285664225
EAN-13 3479775666303
ADMISSIBLE CURRENTS: This table indicates the temperature rise produced by chosen current in the given section. This calculation does not take into account the heat dissipation from the switch gear.
∆T = Temperature of conductors – Internal temperature of panel.
Refer to technical documentation for additional ampacity ratings.

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