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nVent LENTON Form Saver and Other Reinforcing Bar Assemblies


nVent LENTON taper-threaded reinforcing steel bar (rebar) and assemblies (including nVent LENTON Form Saver assemblies), are available through nVent or one of our Remote Manufacturing Centers (RMC). The ability to order threaded bar and assemblies simplifies ordering for customers who lack threading equipment. The most common assembly configurations are defined below. When ordering, please include the reinforcing steel specification, grade and desired length(s).


  • Standard configurations simplify ordering
  • All parts are made to customer specifications
  • Localized Remote Manufacturing Centers (RMC) reduce lead time
  • Available in multiple reinforcing steel specifications, grades and coatings


Part Number FS9LKUL
Performance nVent LENTON Standard
Rebar Assembly Type LK-LK
Material Steel
Finish Plain
Rebar Size, Metric 28 mm
Rebar Size, US #9
Rebar Size, Canada 30M
Reinforcing Steel Overall Length ≥ 5'
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285689787
When ordering, specify the desired length(s).
Reinforcing Steel Overall Length is the total length of reinforcing steel including Length 1 and Length 2.
Assemblies with a Reinforcing Steel Overall Length greater than or equal to 5 feet (1.52 m) will be charged an additional handling fee.
See nVent LENTON Form Saver Map for a Remote Manufacturing Center (RMC) near you.
Sizes, configurations, finishes and coupler combinations not shown may be available by special order. Contact your nVent LENTON representative for more information.

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