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LENTON INTERLOK HY10L Grout is a specially formulated metal-filled, volume stable grout developed exclusively for the LENTON INTERLOK coupling system. The grout is produced under strict Pentair quality guidelines in order to ensure product quality along with consistent and reliable performance.


  • Cures quickly, allowing early removal of bracing systems
  • Designed to provide superior dynamic, seismic and ultimate strength performance for moment frame applications
  • For use in pump or gravity fill applications


Part Number HY10L
Unit Weight 50.8 lb
Certifications IAPMO®-UES ER-0129 (United States)
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285665542
EAN-13 8711893030853
Part Number Article Number Rebar Size, Metric Rebar Size, US Rebar Size, Canada Number of Couplers Per Bag of LENTON INTERLOK Grout
LK5 145575 16 mm #5 15M 24
LK6 145580 20 mm #6 20M 25
LK7 145585 22 mm #7 - 26
LK8 145590 25 mm #8 25M 21
LK9 145595 28 mm #9 30M 17
LK10 145600 32 mm #10 - 13.5
LK11 145605 36 mm #11 35M 11.5
LK40 145610 40 mm - - 7
LKT14 145611 43 mm #14 45M 7
LKT50 145615 50 mm - - 4
LKT18 145620 57 mm #18 55M 4.5
The shelf life of LENTON INTERLOK Grout is 12 months from the manufacturing date printed on the bag.
LENTON INTERLOK Grout should be stored in a cool, dry environment. It is recommended that the LENTON INTERLOK Grout be stored indoors to maintain maximum shelf life and physical properties.
Prior to installation, please read and understand the detailed instructions and safety notices provided in the LENTON INTERLOK Instruction Manual.

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IAPMO®-UES ER-0129 (United States)
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IAPMO®-UES ER-0129 (United States)
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