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Terminated Isolation Conductor


Isolated Downconductor is a specialized lightning protection downconductor, that during operation may be subjected to impulse currents of over 100kA and voltage of up to 700kV may be developed. The ISODC is designed and tested to control separation distance and arching. A semi-conductive outer layer is used to minimize voltage gradients under lightning conditions. The ISODC is available with a copper or aluminum core.


  • Provides protection of equipment against lightning strike flashover by providing an insulated path to ground via an equivalent safety distance
  • Supplied with factory upper termination and materials for field installed lower termination


Part Number ISODC15
Material Aluminum
Length (L) 49.2'
Thread Size (TS) M16
Diameter (Ø) 1.035"
Standard Packaging Quantity 15 m
UPC 78285664686
EAN-13 8711893047622
Additional lengths available in 1 m (3.28') increments up to 50 m (164').
Follow IEC® 62305-2 and IEC® 62305-3 standards when designing an isolation downconductor system and to determine maximum allowable length and offset for the isolation conductor. Contact ERICO for system design assistance.

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