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LENTON LOCK B-Series Shear Bolt Coupler, Plain



  • Requires no bar end preparation such as sawing or swaging
  • Installs quickly and easily using simple hand tools
  • Bolt heads shear off when appropriate bolt torque is achieved
  • Designed to work as a one-step transition/reducer
  • The rebar centering pin is removable which allows the coupler to fully pass onto the reinforcing bar for applications such as closure pours


Part Number LL40B1
Material Steel
Finish Plain
Rebar Size, Metric 38 mm
40 mm
Diameter 1 (Ø1) 3 1/4"
Diameter 2 (Ø2) 1.85"
Length (L) 15.7"
Socket Width (SW) 13/16"
Number of Bolts 12
Number of Round Bolts 2
Torque (TQ) 580 ft lb
Unit Weight 24 lb
Designed to Meet AASHTO
ABNT NBR 8548:1984
ACI 318 Type 1 (125% Specified Yield)
ACI 318 Type 2 (Specified Ultimate)
ACI 349
ACI 359
BS EN 1992-1-1
BS EN 1992-2
CAN/CSA - N287.2/.3/.4
DIN EN 1992-1-1
Eurocode 2
IBC Type 1 (125% Specified Yield)
IBC Type 2 (Specified Ultimate)
ISO 15835
NEN EN 1992-1-1
NF A 35-020-1
NF EN 1992-1-1
ÖNORM EN 1992-1-1
Sellafield Ltd. Std. ES_0_3110
US Army Corps of Engineers
Certifications BRANZ 759 (New Zealand)
GOST POCC US CL87 H01547 (Russian Federation)
IAPMO®-UES ER-0129 (United States)
Los Angeles RR 24507 (United States)
MOCT RU MCC 142 313 29084 (Russian Federation)
Standard Packaging Quantity 2 pc
UPC 78285659916
EAN-13 8711893043648
Bolt length may vary after the bolt heads are sheared off. Bolt heads are not required to be removed as long as the appropriate bolt torque is achieved.
When using an impact wrench, size the wrench for 2x the bolt torque. If using an air impact wrench, check the air pressure, torque rating and air flow requirements before starting installations.
Refer to complete installation instructions provided with the product or available at erico.pentair.com prior to commencing installation.

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