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PBC Braided Power Shunt

PBC400X400 (564500)


  • Ideal for transformer-busduct link
  • Solid palms can be drilled to fit customer specific designs
  • Extra flexible power connection and good resistance to vibration


Part Number PBC400X400
Article Number 564500
Material Copper
Finish Tinned
Wire Diameter 0.006"
Cross Section 789.41 kcmil
∆T 30 K 853 A
∆T 50 K 1,131 A
Length (L) 15 3/4"
A 3.35"
B 3.15"
C 0.43"
2 Bar Current Coefficient 1.6
Unit Weight 4.850 lb
Certifications EAC 7413000009 (Russian Federation)
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285668027
EAN-13 3479775645001
When used in parallel, the two shunts must be spaced with a minimum distance equal to the thickness of the shunt to allow air cooling.

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