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Laminate to Third Rail Connection Kit



  • Kit includes 2000 kcmil copper laminate bond, ERICO CADWELD mold allocation, batting material and two units of welding material per bond connection
  • Allows for thermal expansion and contraction of contact rail while maintaining current flow
  • Attached to the inverted bottom rail with ERICO CADWELD, forming a permanent low electrical resistance connection
  • Laminate construction for maximum flexibility
  • Laminates tinned together on ends to eliminate corrosion


Part Number PBK015C
Material Copper
Rail Type 150 lb Inverted Bethlehem
Minimum Order Quantity 25
Conductor Size 2000 kcmil Laminate
Length (L) 7"
Width (W) 1 1/4"
Height (H) 1 1/4"
Angle (a) 15°
Mold Only No
Replacement Mold PB99HW003
Welding Material SCC6001A x 2, Sold Separately
Frame PBB472B, Sold Separately
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285673312

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