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Rail Coach Screw Kit


ERICO has developed a cost-effective system for quickly and effectively removing a broken screw spike in a concrete rail tie. Spike breaks normally occur in the tie insert and under the tie plate, which traditionally requires an expensive and time-consuming removal process. The Coach Screw Kit includes the components needed to initiate the reaction, thereby simplifying and expediting the extraction process.


  • Effectively removes broken screw spikes in concrete rail ties
  • For use with commonly used concrete tie screw spikes
  • Convenient kit includes ERICO CADWELD mold, handle clamp and control unit to initiate the reaction
  • ERICO CADWELD PLUS Welding Material is required for the process


Part Number PBK266
Welding Material PB90PLUSF80, Sold Separately
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285670335
EAN-13 0782856703358
Items not included in the kit that must be supplied by the customer include: (1) 1/2” I.D. black pipe nipple, 4” long and (1) 9/16” high-strength steel drill bit for steel, 6” long.

Included in this Kit

Part Number Description Quantity
PLUSCU ERICO CADWELD PLUS Control Unit, Controller Box with Leads, 6' Cable, 0–130 °F Working Temperature 1
XLL160 ERICO CADWELD EXOLON Handle Clamp, C, E, Q, R Price Key 1

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