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Disconnectable PEN System

PEN-D75 (568800)


  • Dedicated product allowing separation from PEN to PE+N
  • Unique solution for TN-C/TN-S networks
  • Safe disconnectable system
  • Clear identification
  • Prevents measurement errors
  • Avoid reconnection errors
  • Screen stickers included in 12 languages


Part Number PEN-D75
Article Number 568800
Complies With IECĀ® 60439.1
IECĀ® 61439.1
Max Current Rating, IEC 125 A
Thread Size (TS) M6
Busbar Width 0.59"
Busbar Thickness 0.2"
Depth (D) 2.69"
Height (H) 4.72"
Width (W) 3.78"
A 3.94"
B 2.95"
Unit Weight 1.21 lb
Certifications RoHS
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285666570
EAN-13 3479775688008

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