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Telescoping Plumbing Prefab Bracket



  • Out-of-the-box in-wall solution for supporting supply and waste lines
  • Includes an adjustable telescoping screw gun bracket that provides a mid-span support and accommodates non-standard stud spacing
  • Multiple pilot holes in telescoping bracket
  • Can be mounted to face or inside of stud
  • Modular design can accommodate multiple pipe sizes of supply and waste lines
  • Marked for easy identification of supply line offset
  • Can mount pipe in all vertical or horizontal orientations
  • Plastic bracket housing is non-corrosive and compatible with all varieties of pipe
  • Additional Plumbing Prefab Bracket Clamps (PFBC) can be purchased separately for multiple supply line runs


Part Number PFB1624
Material Steel
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Stainless Steel 410 (EN 1.4006)
Finish Pregalvanized
Static Load Safety Factor 3:1
Stud Spacing 15 3/4" – 25"
Supply Line Offset 4"
Outer Diameter 1 (OD1) 1 1/8" – 4 1/2"
Outer Diameter 2 (OD2) 0.375" – 1.050"
Height (H) 1.3"
Length (L) 10.86"
Width (W) 1.42"
A 2"
B 1"
Standard Packaging Quantity 20 pc
UPC 78285684832
EAN-13 8711893147384

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