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  • Foam or rubber bottom offers low abrasion interface for better roof membrane protection
  • Compatible with roof surfaces including single ply, bituminous, metal and spray foam
  • Provides superior load distribution, even with varying rooftop surfaces
  • Rubber rooftop interface ideal for solar panel array installations
  • Kit includes 2 post bases with pre-installed mounting hardware, 6 bolts, 6 strut nuts, and 2 L-brackets to complete H-frame
  • Hot-dip galvanized and UV stabilized for long lasting performance
  • Accepts standard strut channels
  • Supports green building requirements; thermoplastic bases are made from recycled material and can contribute to earning LEED credits


Part Number PHKR
Material Polypropylene
Temperature -30 to 130 °F
Static Load Safety Factor 3:1
Rooftop Interface Rubber
Strut Type A (1 5/8" x 1 5/8")
Height (H) 4.66"
Length (L) 12 3/8"
Width (W) 12 3/8"
Surface Area 287 in²
Static Load (F) 1,500 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285684531
EAN-13 8711893108323
Static load represents 750 lb (3,335 N) per post base. The end user must select and evaluate the strut framing to ensure the assembled H-frame can properly support the applied load.

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