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Compression Straight Lug

PKS40016H (715137)


  • Tin plated for corrosion prevention
  • Annealed copper eases the crimping operation
  • Optimized sizes to the most efficient electrical conductivity
  • Best mechanical behavior (vibration/pull-out); DIN EN 61373 Class 1B “Railway Applications”
  • Markings on barrel for crimping
  • Consistent material thickness, precise diameter and accurate cable fit; DIN46235


Part Number PKS40016H
Article Number 715137
Material Copper
Finish Tinned
Lug/Connector Type Heavy-Duty DIN46235
Conductor Size 400 mm² Stranded
800 kcmil Stranded
Hole Size (HS) 0.67"
Length (L) 5 1/2"
Width (W) 2.1"
Tool/Die Type M4FP/PKM4
Standard Packaging Quantity 5 pc
UPC 78285668300
EAN-13 8711893065688

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