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Vertical Pouring Basin, Extended


Extended vertical pouring basins are used when interferences of the structure are directly next to the tap hole in the sleeve.


  • Made from heat-resistant graphite
  • Durable, re-usable and long lasting
  • Designed for use with T-Series and B-Series vertical sleeves


Part Number RBVA7570J
Material Graphite
Diameter (Ø) 3"
Length 1 (L1) 7.5"
Length 2 (L2) 1.5"
Width (W) 3"
Height 1 (H1) 7"
Height 2 (H2) 3"
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285645340
RBVA pouring basins require one RBM2660DC pouring basin frame and one RBS5000 bolt retainer. RBVB pouring basins require one RBM2660TC pouring basin frame and one RBS5000 bolt retainer (all sold separately).
Prior to installation, please read and understand all of the detailed instructions and safety notices provided in the LENTON CADWELD Rebar Splicing System Instruction Manual.
Sizes not shown may be available by special order. Contact your LENTON representative for more information.

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