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T-Series Horizontal Transition Installation Equipment


T-Series horizontal installation equipment kits contain the following: Pouring basin frame, crucible frame set (crucible chain assembly, crucible extension, crucible cover), two end alignment fittings and a horizontal packing clamp. Installation equipment kits contain components that are long lasting and often interchangeable with other sizes. Ordering installation equipment kits simplifies ordering, reduces order errors and helps ensure proper sizing of components.


  • Simplifies ordering
  • Used to splice different diameter bars
  • All components are designed for an extended life


Part Number RBW7391411H
Material Steel
Rebar Size, Metric 43 mm
36 mm
Rebar Size, US #14
Rebar Size, Canada 45M
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285665743
Prior to installation, please read and understand all of the detailed instructions and safety notices provided in the LENTON CADWELD Rebar Splicing System instruction manual.
Components can also be purchased separately: (1) Pouring Basin Frame, (2) Crucible Chain Assembly, (3) Crucible Extension, (4) Crucible Cover, (5) End Alignment Fitting, and (6) Horizontal Packing Clamp.

Included in this Kit

Part Number Description Quantity
RBM266975G End Alignment Fitting, 43 mm, #14, 45M, 3.38" dia 1, 2.99" dia 2 1
RBM2687126G End Alignment Fitting, 36 mm, #11, 35M, 3.38" dia 1, 2.79" dia 2 1
RBS36876 Crucible Extension, 5.58" dia 1
RBS43836 Crucible Cover, 11.32" 1
RBW117B Horizontal Packing Clamp, 1.88" dia 1
RBW167 Pouring Basin Frame, Horizontal and Angular, Top Fill, 13.64" 1
RBW34676 Crucible Chain Assembly, 7" 1
T320 Flint Ignitor 1

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