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Rail Head Track Circuit Single Shunt, T-Handle



  • Easy-to-carry assembly that can be used on most common rail types
  • Two shunt assemblies are available: “Hard” zero ohm or 0.06 ohm
  • No resistor to fail: Product is pre-engineered to provide permanent 0.06 ohm shunting
  • Tested to assure reliability of 0.06 ohm shunt
  • Bright orange insulation on “Hard” shunt for high visibility and easy identification
  • Cable welded to terminal clamp
  • Hardened contact points on clamps bite through rust and scale
  • Unique design assures positive contact and firm grip
  • T-shaped handle allows quick and easy tightening by hand


Part Number SBB2721WS600
Material Steel
Cadmium Bronze
Color Orange
Length (L) 600"
Width (W) 3 3/4"
Height (H) 1"
Rail Head Size (RHS) 3" Max
Shunt Hard (Zero Ohm)
Conductor Size 3/16" Bondstrand
Number of Contact Points 2
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285671126
In order to meet the electrical requirements of 0.06 Ohms, the manufactured length may be longer than the indicated length.

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