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Rail Drill Machine, Electro-Powered

SBME230VAC (715404)

The SBM-E range works with products of all sizes, from signalling bond hole applications to fishbolt hole sizes, and is ideally suited for transit and tunnel work. A wide range of accessories are available, including clamping units, drill cutters, and rail profile and special application templates.


  • Compact and easy to use
  • “Whisper” quiet operation
  • 220/240V AC, 1.5kW, with a spindle speed of 280 rpm
  • Lightweight design
  • A range of interchangeable templates to suit all common rail profiles
  • Uses industry-standard drill cutters
  • Comes standard with COOLTANKASSY (715375) Rail Drill Machine Coolant Tank and SBMTOOLSET (715395) Rail Drill Machine Tool Set for easy maintenance
  • Includes metal carrying case


Part Number SBME230VAC
Article Number 715404
Drill Hole Diameter 3/8" – 1 3/8"
Unit Weight 28 lb
Standard Packaging Quantity 1 pc
UPC 78285666837
EAN-13 8711893030211
When ordering a machine, you must also order a rail profile template adapted to the appropriate rail profile and drill-hole position and a clamping device suitable for the rail type and/or clamping method to be selected.
Delivered with 2P+G European electrical plug.

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