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CADDY SWIFT CLIP Strut Clamp for Insulated Tube/Pipe



  • Secures pipe and insulation without a break, providing an uninterrupted vapor barrier seal which eliminates sweating on metal fittings
  • Snap-in and twist installation requires no tools
  • Fits directly into vertical and horizontal strut channels
  • For support and positioning of refrigeration, A/C tubing, PEX piping, conduit and cabling
  • Compliant with UL® 2043 and suitable for use in air handling (plenum) spaces


Part Number TSMI0212
Material Polyamide
Working Temperature -40 to 284 °F
Outer Diameter (OD) 2 1/8"
Copper Tube Size 2"
Width (W) 1 5/8"
Standard Packaging Quantity 25 pc
UPC 78285659863
EAN-13 8711893121643
Part Number Copper Tube with 3/8" Insulation Copper Tube with 1/2" Insulation
TSMI0062 - -
TSMI0075 - -
TSMI0087 - -
TSMI0100 1/4" -
TSMI0112 3/8" -
TSMI0125 1/2" 1/4"
TSMI0137 5/8" 3/8"
TSMI0150 7/8" 5/8"
TSMI0162 1 1/8" 3/4"
TSMI0200 - 7/8"
TSMI0212 1 3/8" 1 1/8"
Can also be used with PEX piping. For PEX pipe sizes, refer to the Copper Tube Size column.
Clip must be installed with temperature at or above 14 °F (-10 °C).

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